About the Journal

Concept of the journal "Scientific cognition: methodology and technology"

   Scientific journal "Scientific cognition: methodology and technology" comes out 2 times a year. The journal is specialized along philosophy. The basic concept of the journal"Scientific cognition: methodology and technology" is provide an opportunity for all members of of the scientific world to publish results of scientific research. And the journal invariably follows its concept. Over the years, in the published editions  in the total have been published more than 600 scientific articles, where presented the results of basic and applied scientific research in the field of Philosophy, which were held in Ukraine and the world. I want to note the special mission of the journal, the aimed at the development of modern scientific knowledge, the study of cognitive, value, socio-political,  moral and aesthetic relation of person to the world and person . Particular importance is given to the study in the journal moral components  of development of society, the development of of the creative personality in the area of education.

   In the XXI century as a result of the fluctuating of development, the society was needed abrupt transformation of its further development. This necessity has arisen because a number of problems became not only rapidly to grow , but lost controllability. The threat of general chaos is real today as ever. This situation in Ukraine is complicated by the crisis state of society in view of the widely deployed terrorist activities. Emerging problems often lead to moral and ethical confusion. Therefore today seems especially actual  a harmonious of the moral and ethical development society. In the modern Ukrainian society in every way increases the value of culture and the importance of the moral imperative of Kant.    

   Great importance today has the ability of society to overcome the the emerging issues of unexpectedly, show the social, cultural and psychological stability to existing and emerging crisis. These questions are paramount for the editorial of  journal" Scientific cognition: methodology and technology".

   Particular importance is given in the journal philosophical knowledge as a universal.  We are convinced that only by means of philosophical research innovation of social development is can be possible the progress of society and man. 

   In our opinion, philosophy should continue to exist exactly as a classical discipline, building on the experience of previous generations.

   The journal is published in electronic form and has a paper version, all of its materials periodically rewritten on CD-ROM and stored indefinitely. Thereby providing protection of the rights of authors of articles published in the journal.

    All correspondence with authors, reviewers and readers carried electronically.

   For managing of the journal is created editorial board. The Editorial Board is approved by the Academic Council of the State institution "South Ukrainian national pedagogical university named after K.D. Ushinsky"

Edition of the journal is based on the following basic principles:

   All articles accepted for publication  are placed in the electronic library named after V.I. Vernadsky, also  the content of research can be found at:

 Articles will be published as they become available.

  • The journal accepts articles for publication in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
  • The journal accepts brief reviews or discussion comments on previously published articles for publication. These reviews or comments posted in the journal immediately after the articles to which they relate.       
  • Publication of the article in the journal does not preclude its subsequent publication in other journals on paper. If such publication is made without any changes, then must be a link to the journal "Scientific cognition: methodology and technology" as primary source.
  • All articles from the journal, or extracts from them Can be disseminated via electronic networks, but with such distribution must be necessarily a link to the original source. Prohibited the publication, distribution of materials of the journal by third parties or organizations оn paper and electronic medium.
  • Copying of individual fragments of articles from the journal is allowed only for research and personal use, but not for commercial use, resale or transfer to another person.
  • Requests for the right to reissue or use of any material published in the journal "Scientific cognition: methodology and technology" should be sent to the chief editor Borinshtein Evheniy Ruslanovych on the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

   Our publication informs readers about the state of and prospects for the Humanities, the achievements and challenges of higher education in Ukraine and in the world. The journal publishes the proceedings of conferences, symposiums, "round tables", debates on current topics of science, information on scientific activities, materials of scientific and methodical nature, reviews, research reports, translations of works by foreign authors and other scientific works.

   Journal "Scientific cognition: methodology and technology" is addressed to scientists and university professors, graduate students and doctoral students, young researchers, organizers and patrons of research, as well as state and public figures working in the field of science, education and culture. The publication is sent to the leading scientific and educational institutions of foreign countries, the largest national libraries, research foundations and other structures and institutions working in the field of science and education.

   The journal is included in Ukrainian science citation index, as well in list of scholarly journals PWS recommended for publication of the main results of theses for the degree of doctor of science and candidate of sciences.

   The editorial board of the scientific journal "Scientific cognition: methodology and technology" guided in its work international ethical rules of scientific publications, including the rules of decency, privacy, surveillance publications inventory of possible conflicts of interest and other.

   In its activities, revision follows the recommendations of the Committee on the ethics of scientific publications (Committee on Publication Ethics), and in particular, the Guidelines for the Ethics of Scientific Publications (Publishing Ethics Resource Kit) publisher Elsevier.

   Edition is open to authors of any scientific research, scientific and educational centers, universities in Ukraine and abroad.      

   Editor in chief - Borinshtein Evheniy Ruslanovych, Ph.D., professor, head of the Department of philosophy and sociology of the State institution "South Ukrainian national pedagogical university named after K.D. Ushinsky"